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If your child needs extra care, the pediatrician can refer him/her to other specialists.

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Apart from conducting checkups, a pediatric specialist can check a child for infections of the mouth, ear, chest, and injuries sustained during an accident. He can diagnose if a child is suffering from genetic disorders, childhood cancers, and other ailments. Pediatricians also look after the child’s behavior and check if he or she suffers from depression, developmental problems, and anxiety disorders. If they realize that the condition of the child is beyond their scope of treatment, they can refer the child to another doctor who is better trained to diagnose the condition.

Pediatricians begin their day by seeing patients in the hospital. During this time, they examine newborn babies at the nursery and neonatal intensive units. When they have finished their job, they go back to their clinic where they begin examining patients. They prescribe medicines for infections, administer vaccinations and educate parents and their child. They are expected to respond to emergency situations during any time of the day and night. A pediatric doctor can also perform administrative tasks by ordering for supplies. He can even train new personnel.

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There are different types of pediatricians who are specialized in various fields. Some of them are given below

General Pediatrician(MD)- They are primary care specialists who provide medical treatment for children from their birth through their early years. They are doctors of medicine. General Pediatrician(OD)- They are doctors of osteopathic medicine. They diagnose the musculoskeletal system of the body and provide pediatric care. Pediatric surgeon- They perform surgery on young children. Neonatologist- He cares for sick or premature infants. Pediatric Geneticist- He identifies the causes of birth problems, abnormalities of body structure and brain development.

For finding a good pediatrician in your locality, you can do the following

Talk to other parents and get their referrals on pediatricians. You can take their recommendations and find a good doctor for your child. Consult a specialist. Ask him or her about their experience, use of vaccinations and antibiotics, etc. From this information, you will know whether the doctor is suited to diagnose your child. When you have selected a pediatrician, you can go with your child for a checkup. In case you are not confident in your doctor’s abilities, you can go to another specialist. Ensure that the pediatrician is a good listener. He or she must understand your concerns for your child.

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